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There is NO question, in order for you to stand out from the 10’s is 100’s of thousands of dancers, you must be memorable. 


This 1-hour intensive masterclass - celebrity Vocal and Performance coach Lorraine Lawson - will take a look at what makes you memorable by asking 3 important questions: 

  1. WHO are you?

  2. WHAT are you doing physically mentally and emotionally to share who you are authentically? 

  3. HOW can you leave a lasting impression from the moment you walk into the room? 

MEET lorraine

As one of the most successful coaches in North America, Lorraine is privileged to work with Juno and Grammy nominated and winning artists including JESSIA, Neon Dreams, Roy Woods, Kai, Scott Helman, and Blake McGrath. She was the vocal coach on CTV’s the Launch and Season 5 of Schitts Creek, on top of countless developing and emerging artists every day.


What is her specialty? Helping artists fill the gap from where they are to where they want to be

Deemed “Canada’s Mariah Carey” by the National Post, Lorraine has released three critically-acclaimed jazz and pop albums, countless dance singles, and radio jingles, and has performed all over the world.


Lorraine is the proud founder of Lawson Vocal Studios where she is able to combine her years of experience coaching, recording, and performing. She is committed to providing singers with innovative programming and achieving exceptional results. 

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