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Lorraine founded Lawson Vocal Studios in 2014 and has coached some of the most talented emerging and established artists in Canada. This impressive list includes Grammy nominees, JUNO nominees and winners, and world renowned actors and musical theatre performers.

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Lawson Vocal Studios is committed to engaging and inspiring every singer we work with. LVS' purpose is to generate a love of self through song. 

Lorraine has coached a multitude of JUNO winners and nominees, Grammy nominees, and world-class musical theatre and TV actors. She is also a renowned singer and performer in her own right, deemed "Canada's Mariah Carey" by The National Post. She has released three critically acclaimed pop and jazz albums, countless dance singles, radio jingles, and has performed all over the world.



"There are a lot of good vocal coaches, but it's what Lorraine does past the "doe ray me's" that makes her special. That's why she is my number one call. "

- Orin Isaacs, TV Musical Director & Composer

"Working with Lorraine is literally one of the brightest parts of my day"

- Kayla Diamond, Singer/Songwriter

"[Lorraine] helped me instantly as a singer and I went from 0 to 100 as a singer. Now every time I play a show people always come and say how great my voice is and I've never had that compliment for most of my life until I met Lorraine"

- Frank Kadillac, Neon Dreams 

"Lorraine is all about connecting the voice to the performer. It has been incredible working with her and she has made me grow in such aa short amount of time. 

- Blake McGrath, Singer/Dancer/Choreographer

"Since working with [Lorraine] I've grown so much as an artist and vocally"

- Olivia Lunny, Singer/Songwriter 

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