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Power of Performance Workbook

The Power of Performance workbook was written by one of North America's premiere vocal and performance coaches, Lorraine Lawson, and the creator and head of the Commercial Vocal department at Sheridan College, Mary-Lu Zahalan. With decades of master-level experience behind their belts, these two dynamic leaders have created a workbook that is designed to help singers and musicians become the Artists they are meant to be by exploring all aspects of performance.


This workbook can be used as a tool to support all forms of contemporary music and performance. The emphasis in this workbook is on contemporary popular music, which embodies acoustic shows, track shows, musicals, shows with a full band, or even shows with an orchestra.

Power of Performance will help you develop a solid work process, with all of the information you need in one place. It is especially designed for singers who want to pursue their Artistry fully and completely. This book evolves with you and can be revisited again and again with fresh eyes as you sense a shift in the industry or within yourself. 

Whether you are just starting out on your journey as a performer, or you are a veteran performer already, this workbook will challenge you to dig deeper and discover more about what makes you unique and memorable as a performer. This workbook will help you in becoming an incredibly captivating, riveting, and dynamic performer!

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