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"There's nothing like singing to take you from feeling ordinary to extraordinary!"

As a vocal and performance coach for the Cast of Schitt's Creek, Juno and Grammy Nominated and Winning Artists, and countless emerging artists, Lorraine Lawson's passion for Singing and Performance is unlimited and undeniable!


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Using Your Vocal & Physical Performance 

Singing can light you up from the inside out, change your mood, and express your emotions like nothing else can.

Lorraine’s unique approach to singing is far beyond using just one ‘vocal technique;' instead she has developed a results driven approach called Natural Vocal Coordination™ based on the simple principle where the brain and the body work together in coordination to provide a platform to sing anything you want with a deeper sense of emotional connection, stylistic accuracy, and overall consistency.

This complete series will not only transform your ability to sing but help you achieve a voice you love. 


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Using Your Vocal & Physical Performance 

No matter if you are a recording artist, professional vocalist or someone who has never sung before but have always wanted to learn to sing, this program is especially designed to provide you the tools to sing a song from start to finish using your vocal and your physical performance in the most memorable way!

Lorraine is a passionate coach but even more she is passionate about the power music has to transform our state of mind and truly transform the people around us.

The best part... once you know how to sing, IT'S FREE! You can do it anytime, anywhere! 

Price TBD


Using Your Vocal & Physical Performance 

Lawson Vocal Studios is committed to providing professional programs especially created to develop the skills singers require to be successful in all the areas of their career. 

Whether you work online or in person, the goal for all our programs is to get and stay inspired, by surrounding yourself with other artists, have access to guest coaches, music industry panelists, and so much more! 

Price TBD



"One of the premiere voices in Canada...[Lorraine] was our official Vocal Coach on The Launch and it became quite clear that she is much more than a Vocal Coach"

- Randy Lennox, President Bell Media 

"[Lorraine] helped me instantly and I went from 0 - 100 as a singer. Now every time I play a show people always come and say how great my voice is and I've never heard that compliment for most of my life until I met Lorraine"

- Frank Kadilac, Neon Dreams

"...Canada's Mariah Carey..."

- The National Post

"Lorraine's approach to developing the voice is rare and extremely important one, because she works to maintain the tone and originality of her client's voices...while helping them reach their full potential..."

- Rachael Kennedy, L I O N C H L D

"There are a lot of good vocal coaches, but it's what Lorraine does past the "doe ray me's" that makes her special. That's why she is my number one call. "

- Orin Isaacs, Musical Director & Composer

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