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Give yourself THE GIFT of Singing!


7-Day Intensive Masterclass
Lorraine Lawson

MARCH 23-29, 2024 @ 12PM EST

valued at over $3500, now only $147!!

STOP doing exercises that don’t produce the results you want. 

START doing cool exercises proven to help you discover a voice you love! 

Your Vocal


is Waiting!

March 23-29, 2024

‘Lorraine is the BEST in the Biz.’


- Wassim Sal Slaiby, SALXO

“Lorraine’s Vocal Breakthrough online program is like no other program I have tried before. The results were immediate and life changing.”


- Melissa

“Using this program, I felt like Lorraine was in the room with me. It’s not campy, it’s cool.”


- James 

Work with a passionate dedicated, celebrity coach, who has helped countless people do what they love at a higher level and NOW you get to work with Lorraine for yourself!! 

What will you learn inside this program?

Sing using words not weird sounds 


Develop 4 vocal tones you need to sing all contemporary genres 


Expand your range 


Improve pitch 


Sing with greater emotional connection and impact 


Lifetime access to membership videos 


Open Invitation to Lorraine’s LIVE online 7 Day Vocal Breakthrough Challenges (at least 2-4 per year) 


Give yourself the gift of A VOICE YOU LOVE!

I'm slashing the price so the gift of music can be yours. Until March 13th, you pay ONLY $147 CAD including taxes and fees!! And, since you get access to all Vocal Breakthrough challenges for the 2024 year, you save over $3000!

NOW only $147

regularly $3855

What others are saying...

As a vocal and performance coach for the Cast of Schitt's Creek, Juno and Grammy Nominated and Winning Artists, and countless emerging artists, Lorraine Lawson's passion for Singing and Performance is unlimited and undeniable!


Thank you so much Lorraine, for always being positive and encouraging and patient... and always getting me exactly where I wanted to be.


- Emily Hampshire


For a limited time, Lorraine is offering her coaching in a complete online membership series ‘VOCAL BREAKTHROUGH’


VOCAL BREAKTHROUGH is especially designed for singers of all levels to experience immediate results from working with Lorraine’s proven, positive, results driven approach to singing called ‘Natural Vocal Coordination™’


Whether you are a professional singer already or have never sung before, you will LOVE having Lorraine as YOUR Vocal & Performance coach.


DISCOVER the connection between your ‘speaking voice’ and ‘singing voice’

DISCOVER the connection between the mind and the body

DISCOVER how eliminating tension and building coordination can expand range, develop control, create interesting and memorable performances immediately

DISCOVER how using ‘Vocal Riffs’ can personalize your vocal performance

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