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I have been coaching for a long time. I have worked with every level artist from developing emerging and established artists.

There is something that connects them all and that is a constant desire to be better at what they do so they can reach a bigger and bigger audience.

Along the way, artists connect with the next level collaborators and industry partnerships. Each step of the ladder building their own skills so they can truly hold their own in a room with people who are doing something at the level that is extraordinary.

This constant drive for what’s next is what every entrepreneur is hungry for and the recording artists is no different.

What is different in music is how no matter what a person has or hasn’t done before, they can walk into a room of other songwriters and create a masterpiece. This is where the magic happens, in the songwriting session.

Showing up with the tools to create unique and compelling stories, hooky melodic and rhythmic phrases, is what can make or break a song.

So….. the question for you is, when you walk into the next songwriting session, do you have the goods to make magic happen?

Do you know who you are?

Do you know your story intimately?

Do you know the stories you want to tell in the songs you want to write?

Do you know how to create music you love?

Do you know who your ideal audience is and the kind of music they love?

And …. Do you know who you want to work with to help you achieve all the above?

What are you waiting for??

This is your time to move the dial, develop your skills, build your relationships and achieve massive results.

Your coach,


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Nov 20&21


December 1st

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