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Often I’m asked what it takes to be a ‘great’ singer.

Is it the vocal range?

Is it how much power someone has?

Is it the tone of the voice?

Is it the emotional quality the singer brings to the songs they sing?

Those who know my coaching style, know I don’t believe there is a perfect formula to achieving a great voice.

Rather, I believe, anyone can discover a voice they love!

Everyone can expand their range using vocal exercises to take the singer from low to high and visa versa. That said, some of the greatest songs of all time only use 4 or 5 notes. So expanding range alone will never determine how great a singer is.

Developing a strong powerful voice can be useful to sing certain genre however listening to someone sing loud loud and louder will never over shadow singers who use dynamics from the softest soft to powerful and back again.

A singers unique vocal tone can be their calling card. The best vocal identity is an extension of their artist identity where there is a connection between the speaking voice and singing singing voice. Unfortunately many singers only develop their singing voice producing a vocal tone that not connected to their uniqueness of their speaking voice.

Every singer wants be able to sing the songs they love confidently with a deep emotional connection to the story. The next step is to be able to perform these songs in front of an audience trusting their ability to sing anytime and anywhere.

The measure of a GREAT a singer is NOT their abilities alone but HOW they are able to use their abilities in the songs they sing.

The GOAL for every singer, is to discover a voice they love so they are able to sing the songs they love consistently. How a singer does this, can vary from singer to singer, genres to genres. Some singers have had years of training while others have never had a lesson in their lives.

There are NO rules in music EVER!! It could take a long time or a short time to achieve your goals as a singer.

What I can tell you, is there are a few specific things I have found that can make a massive and immediate difference in every singer I work with.

1. Plugging In - Getting Ready to Sing can make all the difference!

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

2. Shapes of Mouth

Memorizing the perfect mouth shape for words so the singers can deliver a perfect vocal performance every time they sing.

3. Vocal Riffs

Vocal Riffs can add to the singers playbook of ways to bring their unique vocal identity to to the songs they sing.


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